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Kirby Creek Lodge

Kirby Creek Lodge is one of the Hell's Canyon's best kept secrets until now! Open for reservations, you can come enjoy some of the wildest Snake River fronts in the comfort of one of the best bed and breakfast in Hells Canyon. You can enjoy nature at its best and have your share of some of the best fishing on the Snake River.

Kirby Creek Lodge provides:

Come to the Kirby Creek Lodge!!!

Located in the Heart of Hells Canyon, this wonderful bed and breakfast is truly a paradise. Where you are treated like family and can become one of the Kirby Creek Friends Forever! You can go on a hike to the Enchanted Forest behind the lodge. This hike is safe for even the youngest member of the family. See some of the first homesteads from the late 1800's. Enjoy the view of the Snake River from the top of the hike where you can see miles and miles of the beauty of the canyon. You can go swimming in the little Marina by the slips where the famous Boogie Boat is docked! You can fish right from the dock or along the river all day if you choose, and the fishing is amazing. You can sit by the fire pit at night and enjoy making smores or roasting marshmallows or hot dogs. Lay on the only Private beach for miles around, build sand castles or wade in the water along the shore. Relax in the grass or on one of the hammocks.

Family Getaway

Don't forget that Adventures Afloat-Kirby Creek Lodge is not an exclusive adult outing, it's an adventure for the whole family. Kirby Creek Lodge is not just a bed and breakfast on the Snake River, it's an exciting outing for the family.